6 Ways Young Professionals Can Prepare for a Global Job

September 4, 2022
Prepare for a Global Job

Are you a recent college graduate or a young professional who dreams of working internationally, but you’re not sure where to begin? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Scatter Coaching is our staffing and recruiting service offering high-quality career coaching for Jesus followers. Today, we’re sharing six practical tips on how you can prepare for your future job today!

Tip 1: Unpack your unique, God-given S.H.A.P.E. (spiritual gifts, heart/passions, abilities, personality, experience)

Start thinking about how God has shaped you. What are your gifts and talents that you have to offer to the world? What are the skills and experiences that you want to take globally? 

The truth is, “sometimes understanding your purpose will take some time, and many times you will feel lost and confused,” says Paula, a recent Scatter Coaching cohort participant from Colombia, working in the hospitality industry. But once Paula gave God all of her goals and dreams, she realized that “every day is a new opportunity to serve God. If our lives and abilities serve to extend his kingdom, who are we to stop his work,” attests Paula.

Recent participants agree: “The program gave me a profound confidence and excitement about who God has SHAPE’d me to be,” says James, an actor from North America.

“Participating in the cohort has helped me better understand how my work is part of my calling from God to serve Him in all areas of my life,” adds Nathan, a teacher from North America.

Tip 2: Leverage your social network for a global job opportunity.

Everyone is online these days and if you’re smart, your online presence can help in the global search. Begin networking in college and focus on expanding your network overseas through your family, friends, and community – especially on LinkedIn.

Develop a LinkedIn profile and keep your resume up to date. Join LinkedIn groups to leverage your connections with people you know and the people your connections know. Scatter Coaches emphasize the importance of networking because it is the main way to find and land any job, including a global one.

Tip 3: Your social media can make or break a global job opportunity.

Now that we are living in the social media age, it is crucial to monitor your social media presence. What you post and what others are posting about you creates a digital footprint. Once out there, it’s really hard to remove it. 

Research shows that about 98% of recruiters will do online research about potential candidates. So, it is important to think about what your post says about you to a future employer.

Tip 4: Take advantage of study abroad and travel opportunities.

Study abroad or travel to places where you might want to live. This is a great opportunity to explore new cultures, broaden your horizons, and imagine living and working in a new place.

While there are many global jobs that function in English, if there is a specific country you’re interested in, there’s never a better time to start learning a new language! Not only will this make you more competitive in the global job market, but you’ll be better able to connect with the local culture and your future colleagues.

If the cost of traveling is an issue, then research and read about different countries where you might be interested in going. Learn more about other cultures by reading ‘The Culture Map,’ by Erin Meyers, which also offers a culture mapping tool where you can map your home culture with a new culture. Pay attention to what might be similar and any potential areas of conflict where you might need to adapt or change.

Tip 5: Find global opportunities at home.

Consider volunteering at a local ministry or nonprofit, working with refugees or people from another country. You might be surprised by how international your current city or local neighborhood is. 

Look for opportunities to learn about someone else’s home country and develop friendships. In the process, you’ll not only help them feel more at home in their new culture, but you’ll find out about what it is like to adjust and understand the differences in another culture. This can really help you prepare for and avoid potential mistakes when moving overseas.

Tip 6: Consider an internship or job opportunity with a global company.

Look for internships or job opportunities with global, multinational companies or organizations where you can potentially transfer to an office in a different part of the world. Global companies such as Google, Hyatt, Audible, and Facebook, to name a few, offer opportunities from remote to international jobs with many positions in various fields.

Most of the job opportunities you’ll explore through Scatter Coaching require a minimum of 2 years of work experience. So, if you’re ready to make the move or would like more in-depth support and guidance along the way, we can come alongside you as you prepare for your global dream job. Connect with a coach and schedule a ten-minute Discovery Call today!

And if you’re not quite ready for that global job just yet, we hope these six practical tips will get you started on your journey.  For more tips like these, signup for our Scatter Email.

Written by: Nay Mi Chele

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