From Blueprint to Blessing: A Kingdom Impact Story
Stephany believed that serving God overseas meant sacrificing her career in architecture. Only to discover it was through architecture that God would open a door to work in East Africa....
Southeast Asia town and mountains
SCATTER STORIES: From Tech Training to Kingdom Impact
When Rodrigo first heard about a job opportunity in SE Asia, he dismissed it. Why uproot his family and move halfway around the world? But God had other plans. ...
tools for building
3 Tools That Help You Build Upon Lasting Foundations
The Scripture talks about how when a storm hits, the house built on stone will last while the house built on sand will get washed away. It forces us to ask the...
working at a desk
Are the things on your to-do list on God’s?
Moses understood that God alone produces results through our work. So, what work is on God's to-do list? Jordan Raynor explains. ...
work meeting
Know your SHAPE to Grow your Career
It's not enough to know that you are "skilled" in today's job market. You need to know how to articulate it. IPSAT is the tool to help you do just that. ...
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