Blessings or Kind Regards

July 21, 2022

For years, I felt like I was walking through life with my feet in two different worlds.

Navigating these “worlds” meant learning to be extra attentive to my audience and my interactions, including my language and the tone of my correspondence. So, I developed a system to help:  two email addresses with two different sign-offs – “Blessings” or “Kind Regards.” 

One of these “worlds” represented my work as an intercultural consultant and coach in the corporate world. The other is as a member of a global, faith-based organisation. Sometimes when friends were enquiring about one or the other, they would refer to either my “business” or my “ministry.”

Though some may have seen this as “business” versus “ministry,” both of these "worlds" were integrated. They each afforded me different opportunities to learn from and contribute to God’s Kingdom. 

The work with the global faith-based organisation afforded me the opportunity to live in six other countries and travel to over fifty. This exposure helped me gain a global perspective. I was challenged and inspired by people, cultures and situations very different from my own. It also allowed me to build international friendships. And in some small way, it presented opportunities to contribute to the lives of people and communities beyond the borders of whichever country I happened to live in at the time.

On the other hand, my consulting work with national and multinational companies and global corporate leaders sharpened my ability and desire for excellence. This work gave me access to a very different demographic of people and an environment in which I could naturally build authentic relationships. 

We could talk about our values and faith – all of life.

Our family often had the privilege of inviting clients – people from all over the world with various convictions –  into our home for meals and conversations.  And we enjoyed the same moments in their homes.

At times, navigating these two "worlds" was challenging. But as an interculturalist, navigating different worlds and training others is what I do.  And I enjoy it!  But along the way, I've learned that my actions and how I say things may need to change depending on the context. Crossing and navigating cultures well, requires the ability to style switch.

Yet, whatever “world” I find myself in doesn’t change my identity. 

Neither does it change the rationale for my engagement with whatever group or person I serve. The motivation is always to show love.  Paul reminds us that ultimately, “… whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

That’s why, no matter my context, whomever I engage, or whether I sign my emails with  “Blessings” or “Kind Regards,” all of my work and each interaction is equally significant to God.  No matter what “world” I find myself navigating, all of my life ought to reflect and bring Him glory.

So, what about you? Are there aspects of your life or work that you regard as spiritual or ministry and others that you regard as secular work? What would it look like to approach all of your life for the glory of God – no matter the space you find yourself? 

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Written By: Global Contributor Reinhold Titus – Chief Strategy and Inclusion Officer

Tagged as: Spiritual Life  

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