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Don’t Go Until You’re Sent

Don't Go? But isn't that the point? 

My family is supportive. I have found a job. I'm ready to go. Wait...What about the church? 

Mack Stiles addresses the imperative topic of the church's role when someone is stepping into missions in his article for The Gospel Coalition. Whether you are going as a Market Place Worker or even more traditional routes, Stiles appeals that you should not go "without the support of a healthy local church". 

"The greatest challenge to modern missions is a lack of understanding of the church’s nature and its role in missions." - Mack Stiles

Stiles shares 3 of his personal insights rooted in biblical truth about the church:

  1. Going to the nations without the support of a local church is a little like baptizing yourself. (read the comical anecdote in full article to get the background) 
  2. Churches should send out those they’d be willing to hire as staff.
  3. I’ll never again make a missions move without the collective wisdom of my elders in a healthy church. 

So don’t baptize yourself. And if you’re determined to do missionary work, don’t go until you’ve submitted to, and are sent by, a healthy local church.​ - Mack Stiles


Start the conversation with your church today about how you can best submit to your local church and how they can best support you.


We would love to hear your testimonies and thoughts in the comments below!


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J. Mack Stiles and his wife, Leeann, reside in Louisville, Kentucky, and are members of Third Avenue Baptist Church. They are long-term residents of the Middle East. Mack has written several books, including Marks of the Messenger: Knowing, Living, and Speaking the Gospel and, most recently, Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus.



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Secular Work is Full-Time Service - Mike Andrus

Mike Andrus | September 10, 2006 Genesis 1-3 Series: The Ministry of the Market Place Mike Andrus is the Senior Adult Ministries Pastor at First Evangelical Free Church of St. Louis County, where he was previously served as the Senior Pastor. He holds a Pre-Ministerial B.A. from Calvary Bible College, an M.A. in Philosophy from Southern Methodist University, a Th.M., from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a D.Min. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Original link:

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The right (and wrong) way to show personality in your cover letter

Cover letters are a pretty status-quo requirement as part of a job application.

Unfortunately, it is easy to get lost in that status-quo shuffle of cover letters on a future employer's desk. 

In this article on The Muse for USA Today College, author, Sara McCord, gives some advice on how your cover letter can stand out the right way.

Wait, so there's a wrong way? Yes. 

McCord has readers ask themselves these questions when reviewing their cover letters: 

  1. Am I being rude?
  2. Am I sharing the right stuff?
  3. Am I still highlighting my skills? 

These questions are great starting points to make sure your cover letter is shaping up to be effective. 


We would love to hear your cover letter tips & tricks! Please share your comment or question in the comment box below.


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Sojourn Church: Our Journey to Become a Sending Church

For many, a sending church is an integral relationship offering accountability, support and a covering of prayer.

But what if your church has never sent anyone out? Or what if the others they have sent are not like you? 

Nathan Garth of Sojourn Church in Louisville, Kentucky shares his church's journey to become a sending church on Garth gives 4 key points and some closing takeaways that each church should strive to implement or consider as they start the journey of sending members of their congregation around the world intentionally for the spread of the gospel. 

Garth's key points to know or do are: 

  1. Our Story is our Own
  2. Build Missionary Identity into the DNA of the Church
  3. Create a Sending Culture
  4. Make a Plan before You Get Busy in Missions

His parting Advice?

  • Have a point person
  • Be a good learner
  • Ask what your church has to offer. 

Missions is not a program or activity of the church. It’s an identity. - Larry McCrary, The Upstream Collective

It is never too early to start the conversation with your church about how you want to use your vocation intentionally to make Jesus known. 


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Nathan Garth is the lead international missions pastor at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky. You can find him on Twitter @Nathan_Garth.

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Quit Praying! - Mark Batterson

What!? Before you consider signing off, read what this message is really about. 

In this article published by, Mark Batterson shares an exceprt from his book published by Zondervan called, Draw the Circle

Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. Pray about everything. Then pray some more. But at some point, we have to quit praying and start acting. - Mark Batterson

In the book, Batterson appeals to readers to stop praying for permission or direction on subjects that God has already clearly addressed in his Word. Some of those things being: 

  • Loving our neighbors
  • Giving generously & living sacrificially
  • Blessing someone when it is in our power to do so
  • Turning the other cheek or going the extra mile

There comes a moment when praying becomes a form of spiritual procrastination. It’s time to stop praying and start acting. - Mark Batterson

So what are we currently praying about that is already in our power to do something about? 

To read the full excerpt from Mark Batterson's Draw the Circle and buy the book, please click the button below. 


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