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"What if the bravest thing you can do as a parent, is trust God with your children?"

The Lord may be calling you and your family to a more dangerous area, a new vocation, a far away land where the people need believers are you willing and ready to go ?

In a "Christianity Today" article the author talks about the ins and outs of entrusting your children to the Lord... daily. The author (Rachel) and her husband moved to Africa fifteen years ago where they took a job and indeed brought their children with them. This article is so helpful in instilling the importance of faith and trust into our children. To actually practice what we preach and, "live outside of the camp," where things are more than likely scary and unfamiliar. 

The couple were inspired by the words of John Piper years ago when he said, " What is the greatest good you can do for your children?”

We believed strongly that “moving toward need” was one of the greatest goods we could do for them.


Continue reading this article and try and revel in the glory of the frame work God has created and continues to grow within your children. Raise them up in truth and love , and  like most things, leave the rest to the all mighty God

Comment below with situations in which you had to 'let go and let God' in the lives of your children-


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Prepping for an interview? "" provides helpful tips!

Whether you are interviewing for your dream job or have a desire to brush up on your interview skills, helps to work alongside your strengths in ways to best represent yourself whilst job hunting. Like many of the usual interview tips, the site suggests looking up the 'basics' about who you are interviewing for, and then going beyond this.. Always have questions for the person interviewing you to show that you are invested, willing to  learn, and want to refine your skills. 

Another helpful tool is recording yourself answering a series of 'practice questions' to ensure that you are prepared while also not sounding too robotic, and rehearsed. Some FAQ's include: "Tell me about yourself,"and "what are your greatest strength/ weaknesses ?" While you never want to lie to your future employer, you may want to reflect specifically on your better qualities. Open with your experience, not the chronological story of your life, this is not what the interview is all about. Your key points to touch on should be what you are good at, and what sets you apart from other candidates. 

While the interview process may be a competitive one, don't let the enemy use this season to speak untruths towards you. Instead look at what you have to offer, be yourself, and above all, glorify the Lord. With the help of these tips provided on the site below, and an ample amount of preparadness and prayer, get ready to crush your interview !

Comment below with any personal tips you would give to someone that have helped you in your interview process/ job hunting journey. 


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Meeting your potential spouse in the workplace

If you are like most working people, most of your day more than likely is comprised of just that... work. According to Google the top 5 places to meet your future spouse are-

1. The Gym

2. Apartment/ Neighborhood

3.On a Plane

4. Work 

5. School

Your workplace is rather influential to the person you become and says a lot about how you serve others and God's will with your vocation. As cheesy as it sounds, the workplace can be a great place to meet the future person God has for you. This however does not imply that you should always be on the look out for this opportunity. ( there is a difference here) Work diligently to expound upon your skills at work and in general, to be intentional with co-workers. 

CBN wrote an article recently titled, " 10 Dating Tips for Christian Singles." Among all of these very helpful tips, stems an underlying theme, don't let intimacy get in the way of God's will for the relationship. I've quite recently been very encouraged by several newly wed couple friends of mine and their due- diligence early on in the relationship. What a beautiful thing to not have any real regrets looking back and on your wedding day being able to enter the marriage with clarity, excitement, and expectancy of what the Lord will do within this union.

Feel free to comment  with all single, dating, engaged ,or newly married advice and check out these tips below


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Scatter Global Survey

We use a lot of different terms when we talk about the Scatter Global vision.  What do they all mean?  What do they communicate?

We would love to hear your thoughts about that!

Would you take a few moments to click the button below and complete a short survey?

Thank you!





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In Need of a Spiritual Rejuvenation? Check out this new (cleaner) version of Netflix... Pureflix

The Christian Post recently wrote an article titled, “5 Inspirational Movies You Should Watch Right Now." You may ask yourself, " what does this have to do with me being a professional, trying to spread the Gospel around the world through my vocation?" Great question- our culture today is often formulated around the entertainment we allow ourselves to consume. Before we get into the never ending debate of social media, and what it is and is not doing  to this generation, lets discuss something we have all more than likely heard of... Netflix. 

"Netflix is available in nearly 50 countries, estimated to be worth $6 billion and in the United States, for example, Netflix outranks cable with 33 million subscribers." Needless to say people are consuming Netflix and everything it offers at substantial rates. As I am sure you also guessed, not everything on Netflix is exactly kid/ family friendly. Granted, there are an array of outlets offered to those of a certain age range, but Pure Flix offers something different. 

“Pure Flix is an American independent Christian film and television studio that produces, distributes, acquires and markets Christian and family-friendly films.” While your fellow colleagues are raving about the latest Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy episode you could suggest to them an alternative. We should as believers at least attempt to combat our over indulgence of consumption with a more encouraging and real show/ movie to watch.

Using your vocation and similar interests  as a bridge with your colleagues  is a helpful tool to spreading the Gospel. Along with this alternative, 'cleaner' entertainment , you can relate with the 'world' without being 'of the world.' 

Comment below with a few of your favorite Christian films/ TV shows!

( maybe even try watching with a colleague sometime in the near future) 

Visit for more details 

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