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Want Financial Freedom? Dave Ramsey at Passion City Church gives talk on, " Why money is not the root of all evil"-

I recently visited Passion City Church this weekend and was amazed at the large atmosphere and how it ironically gave way to a cozy- small environment vibe. A married couple, new found friends of mine, invited myself and a fellow co-worker to attend Passion and needless to say I was excited but had my reservations. As a 20 something many guys and gals my age have been talking non stop about Lo...

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It will be costly...It will be worth it - David Platt

IMB President, David Platt shares about how going to all nations to share the gospel is not a life filled with comfort and security. However, it will be immensely worth it. “These unreached people are unreached for a reason: they’re hard to reach, they’re difficult to reach, they’re dangerous to reach. All the easy ones are taken." – David PlattWatch on vimeo at:

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How to Teach English Overseas and Be a Missionary Too

"Those who can't do, teach." - WRONG. Teachers do not need to fall victim to the sacred & secular divide. All of life - home, classroom, community - can and does spread the gospel. Marketplaces around the world are hungry for quality educators, especially if you have certification in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). Teaching overseas not only is a job that ...

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Finding Myself in the Mommy Wars

Mothers, how do you do it? The walls separating our work life, personal life, and spiritual life seem to be everlasting. Somewhere along the way, we have made the ironic steps of organizing our lives in these categories of purpose, but we have positioned ourselves to be overwhelmed trying to maintain each of these worlds. Amy Whitfield, in her article for the Gospel Coalition, tears down th...

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The Call

Stepping out into the unknown is scary. Trusting in the Lord's goodness and provision is difficult in these times. But the longer we reman comfortable, ignoring the calls of the Lord, we imprison ourselves and deny ourselves the freedom to trust God with everything. Blogger Joanna Mayes writes about the hold that fear had on her life, and the joy she received when she allowed it to be r...

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Hopeful, Helpful Tips this Holiday Season

Christmas is right around the corner, literally. Your grandmother, as well as half of America has already lit that green candle that smells just like a real Christmas tree. Consumers are already spending money that they don't have on things they mostly don't need. The ground is slowly being covered in frost that has stubbornly decided to stick to your windshield but not become snow, and...

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Season Series: A Sovereign God in your Season of Singleness

With missionaries often being sent overseas, to unreached countries the stereotype can sometimes become, “well if I’m not married, singleness can be really difficult and lonely.” I would challenge this to say singleness much like marriage, and life in general has its difficulties, yes. But as Jesus followers our goal should be to not overlook this difficulty as a threat but t...

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How do I figure out my calling?

The call of the worker is, in reality, a general call to the whole church. The real question is, “Who should join us as workers among the least-reached?” This raises the matter of God’s calling on all our lives. This is sometimes presented as a mysterious thing or a product of sentimentality or emotionalism. In Scripture there are many people whose call wasn’t recorded. ...

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Can bi-vocational church planters really be effective?

History shows us William Carey managed a factory while also translating the Bible into Bengali, Hans Nielsen Hauge was a serial entrepreneur and gifted Norwegian evangelist, Betsey Stockton set up a school system for 8,000 children in order that they could read the Bible while also working as a maid. The Moravians and Anabaptists are denominations which have sent hundreds of bi-vocational churc...

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Want to be a better Leader? Steve Moore's new book addresses the "Top 10 Leadership Conversations in the Bible"

Have you ever heard the age old cliche," What would Jesus do?". Or how about "What would a great leader do?" Have you ever hungered to truly know both? For his new book, The Top 10 Leadership Conversations in the Bible, Steve Moore states that, "my objective in this book is to stimulate your passion to engage the Bible as a primary source for leadership insight.&rdqu...

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