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Everyday Marketplace worker on the go: Start your own #War Room

I begin to step into my 'safe place.' I turn the door knob and slowly cross my legs one over another, and as I sit against the mingled patterned carpet, I feel this weight lift off of my spirit. I begin to play a spiritually and uplifting slow melody on my phone, I gather my thoughts and attempt to notice where my feet are. My feet are directly within eye sight and I breathe out, it'...

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What preparation should I consider?

Career- Get the best education you can afford. Get a job at the top company/hospital/school in your region. Work hard, deliver excellence and practice sharing your faith at work (Col 3:23). Spiritually- Study the Bible and develop an understanding on what is Christ and what is culture, develop a lifestyle of prayer and gratitude, take Perspectives, learn and practice church planting, and dev...

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The World at Work - McKinsey & Co.

Check out this article written by McKinsey & Company analyzing the labor supply & demand in the midst of one of the most prominent talent shortage crises our world has seen. Here are some of the hurdles the global economy could face by the year 2020: 38 million to 40 million fewer workers with tertiary education (college or postgraduate degrees) than employers will need, or 1...

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5 Things I'd Tell My 21-Year-Old Self if I Started My Missions Journey Over

30+ years serving in the Muslim World. Over 70 countries researched. If done all over, this is what Nik Ripken would do differently. Nik Ripken and his young family set out on a journey of reckless abandon for the Lord, leading them to serve in mainly the Middle East & North Africa for over 30 years. Ripken writes this article as a point of reflection of what he would tell his 21 ye...

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Secular Work is Full-Time Service - Mike Andrus

Mike Andrus | September 10, 2006Genesis 1-3Series: The Ministry of the Market PlaceMike Andrus is the Senior Adult Ministries Pastor at First Evangelical Free Church of St. Louis County, where he was previously served as the Senior Pastor. He holds a Pre-Ministerial B.A. from Calvary Bible College, an M.A. in Philosophy from Southern Methodist University, a Th.M., from Dallas Theological Semina...

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Rethinking Work Panel Discussion - TGC13

Watch panelists from The Gospel Coalition Conference in 2013 explore the practical implications of a faithful theology of work. In this video: Tim Keller, Tom Nelson, Dave Kiersznowski, Katherine Leary Alsdorf, Mark Mellinger

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Mark Dever: We Don’t Just Serve God at Church

Check out this great post from! "Mark Dever, senior pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, discusses the key role of pastors: to prepare and equip God's people for Monday through Friday service outside the four walls of the church. Learn how your work can be worship at" - Made to Flourish Direct link to original source: https://...

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How Business People Can Reach the World- Telling God's Stories- Video

"Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable. One Generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts." -Psalm 145 This featured article written by John Rinehart, author of Gospel Patrons and executive producer of the short films available at, confronts the idea that business people have a unique o...

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Don't Let the Native Tongue Stop You

Too often our culture emphasizes the barriers of language in regards to living missionaly for the Lord. We should encourage others to see missions and language learning as an opportunity, rather than a set back. An opportunity to delve into a new world where we all have one common thread- Jesus. Language can be difficult, but don’t let it stop you. Have a New Outlook on Language Learni...

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New Series on You Version- Monday Matters: "Find God in Your Workplace"

'Called to Business' has just introduced a new series on YouVersion called - " Monday Matters: Find God in Your Workplace." This new devotion has much to teach us as believers including the importance of that pesky day after Sunday... Monday The day that comes after church, after dinner, that beloved Monday morning. We as believers and marketplace workers should seek to v...

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