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Fastest Growing Jobs of the Future: Forbes

What will people be doing in the next 10 years? Check out Forbes' list of the 10 "Fastest Growing Jobs of the Future". This quick-scroll slideshow gives you projections and growth stats for each of these leading professions. Some of these may surprise you! Click below to access the article.

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Passion Shouldn’t Be a Prerequisite for Work

At first glance, one cannot help but read and think... "What!? Of course we should be passionate about our jobs!" It's how we do our best work, right? Author Michaela O'Donnell Long shares her personal story with Relevant Magazine on how if she never took the quick jump into a side-startup, she would have never been able to go on the journey to discover her personal...

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How to Teach English Overseas and Be a Missionary Too

"Those who can't do, teach." - WRONG. Teachers do not need to fall victim to the sacred & secular divide. All of life - home, classroom, community - can and does spread the gospel. Marketplaces around the world are hungry for quality educators, especially if you have certification in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). Teaching overseas not only is a job that ...

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Finding Myself in the Mommy Wars

Mothers, how do you do it? The walls separating our work life, personal life, and spiritual life seem to be everlasting. Somewhere along the way, we have made the ironic steps of organizing our lives in these categories of purpose, but we have positioned ourselves to be overwhelmed trying to maintain each of these worlds. Amy Whitfield, in her article for the Gospel Coalition, tears down th...

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Modeling Christ in the Workplace Through Work Well Done

"Christians in the workplace should be motivated by our desire to glorify God and to inspire others to desire to know him. Work done well is uncommon, and it will be noticed by our colleagues and clients or patients." On The High Calling blog, several reasons why and ways are given to model Christ through excellency in our work. Working excellently in everyday jobs gives God glor...

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What preparation should I consider?

Career- Get the best education you can afford. Get a job at the top company/hospital/school in your region. Work hard, deliver excellence and practice sharing your faith at work (Col 3:23). Spiritually- Study the Bible and develop an understanding on what is Christ and what is culture, develop a lifestyle of prayer and gratitude, take Perspectives, learn and practice church planting, and dev...

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How to Share Your Faith Without it Being Awkward - Relevant Magazine

You have been led to specific people, to be a light in a specific place. - Richard Hillier Relevant Magazine's contributor, Richard Hillier, takes a quick dive into how to naturally lead to spiritual conversations through your work, home, and community environments. These simple tips are true for here and on the other side of the globe! You can access the article below and keep tho...

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It will be costly...It will be worth it - David Platt

IMB President, David Platt shares about how going to all nations to share the gospel is not a life filled with comfort and security. However, it will be immensely worth it. “These unreached people are unreached for a reason: they’re hard to reach, they’re difficult to reach, they’re dangerous to reach. All the easy ones are taken." – David PlattWatch on vimeo at:

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Rethinking work-life balance: It’s about injecting life into your work

Work. Family. Faith. How can we possibly balance these huge aspects of our lives and do them all well? Jolene Yee of breaks down the 5 ways we can "work" toward a well-balanced dynamic between work and life. This is a balance that always keeps God and his purposes at the fulcrum. 5 ways we can work on the balance and inject life into work are: Work on your cha...

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Want to be a better Leader? Steve Moore's new book addresses the "Top 10 Leadership Conversations in the Bible"

Have you ever heard the age old cliche," What would Jesus do?". Or how about "What would a great leader do?" Have you ever hungered to truly know both? For his new book, The Top 10 Leadership Conversations in the Bible, Steve Moore states that, "my objective in this book is to stimulate your passion to engage the Bible as a primary source for leadership insight.&rdqu...

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