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Everyday Marketplace worker on the go: Start your own #War Room

I begin to step into my 'safe place.' I turn the door knob and slowly cross my legs one over another, and as I sit against the mingled patterned carpet, I feel this weight lift off of my spirit. I begin to play a spiritually and uplifting slow melody on my phone, I gather my thoughts and attempt to notice where my feet are. My feet are directly within eye sight and I breathe out, it'...

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It's Time for a New Kind of Missionary

When you think of the word “missionary,” what do you think of?A young couple in sub-Saharan Africa, leading a Bible school and feeding hungry children? Maybe a pastor building a small church in a tropical village somewhere in the South Pacific?

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Can bi-vocational church planters really be effective?

History shows us William Carey managed a factory while also translating the Bible into Bengali, Hans Nielsen Hauge was a serial entrepreneur and gifted Norwegian evangelist, Betsey Stockton set up a school system for 8,000 children in order that they could read the Bible while also working as a maid. The Moravians and Anabaptists are denominations which have sent hundreds of bi-vocational churc...

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What is it like living overseas?

Living overseas can be a great experience. It allows us to experience different cultures, new places, and new ways of thinking and doing things. Living overseas can also be lonely, confusing, and frustrating. Some people live overseas and never venture out of their “bubble”- they live in neighborhoods filled with people from the same cultural background, make friends with these same...

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Aw, I’m Just a Paper Salesman

CONTENT WRITTEN BY SCARED MARGINS READ ORIGINAL POST As we think of what we are doing we need to understand the differentiating factors of the ‘new model’ (not new just rediscovered) we are talking about. This is one of them. It distinguishes Scatter Global from what most people think of when they say Tent making. It is a high view of work. It is one of the major disrup...

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Why I stay in my job, despite bad bosses and dodgy practices

I was ready to make an impact in the world for Jesus, and build his Kingdom through my engineering work. But I was in for a rude awakening. - Anthony Seah* From an unexpected work environment, to drawing the "short straw", to an unleashing of workplace struggles, Anthony Seah* for Thirst gives an honest account of how a challenging job situation as an engineer caused him to answe...

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5 Things I'd Tell My 21-Year-Old Self if I Started My Missions Journey Over

30+ years serving in the Muslim World. Over 70 countries researched. If done all over, this is what Nik Ripken would do differently. Nik Ripken and his young family set out on a journey of reckless abandon for the Lord, leading them to serve in mainly the Middle East & North Africa for over 30 years. Ripken writes this article as a point of reflection of what he would tell his 21 ye...

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Rethinking work-life balance: It’s about injecting life into your work

Work. Family. Faith. How can we possibly balance these huge aspects of our lives and do them all well? Jolene Yee of breaks down the 5 ways we can "work" toward a well-balanced dynamic between work and life. This is a balance that always keeps God and his purposes at the fulcrum. 5 ways we can work on the balance and inject life into work are: Work on your cha...

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Quit Praying! - Mark Batterson

What!? Before you consider signing off, read what this message is really about. In this article published by, Mark Batterson shares an exceprt from his book published by Zondervan called, Draw the Circle. Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. Pray about everything. Then pray some more. But at some point, we have to quit praying and start acting. - Mar...

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Sojourn Church: Our Journey to Become a Sending Church

For many, a sending church is an integral relationship offering accountability, support and a covering of prayer. But what if your church has never sent anyone out? Or what if the others they have sent are not like you? Nathan Garth of Sojourn Church in Louisville, Kentucky shares his church's journey to become a sending church on Garth gives 4 key points and some closing ta...

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