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It's Time for a New Kind of Missionary

When you think of the word “missionary,” what do you think of?A young couple in sub-Saharan Africa, leading a Bible school and feeding hungry children? Maybe a pastor building a small church in a tropical village somewhere in the South Pacific?

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Aw, I’m Just a Paper Salesman

CONTENT WRITTEN BY SCARED MARGINS READ ORIGINAL POST As we think of what we are doing we need to understand the differentiating factors of the ‘new model’ (not new just rediscovered) we are talking about. This is one of them. It distinguishes Scatter Global from what most people think of when they say Tent making. It is a high view of work. It is one of the major disrup...

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How To Heal A Disagreement With Someone Who Dislikes You

As we live out our faith in the world, we need to look different, because we are different. We extend grace and forgiveness when the world tells us that we are in the right to feel the way we do. So how do I treat those who have wronged me or I have wronged? In this article, Dale Partridge of discusses the steps needed to heal both personal and professional relationships...

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Quit Praying! - Mark Batterson

What!? Before you consider signing off, read what this message is really about. In this article published by, Mark Batterson shares an exceprt from his book published by Zondervan called, Draw the Circle. Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. Pray about everything. Then pray some more. But at some point, we have to quit praying and start acting. - Mar...

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Sojourn Church: Our Journey to Become a Sending Church

For many, a sending church is an integral relationship offering accountability, support and a covering of prayer. But what if your church has never sent anyone out? Or what if the others they have sent are not like you? Nathan Garth of Sojourn Church in Louisville, Kentucky shares his church's journey to become a sending church on Garth gives 4 key points and some closing ta...

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The right (and wrong) way to show personality in your cover letter

Cover letters are a pretty status-quo requirement as part of a job application. Unfortunately, it is easy to get lost in that status-quo shuffle of cover letters on a future employer's desk. In this article on The Muse for USA Today College, author, Sara McCord, gives some advice on how your cover letter can stand out the right way. Wait, so there's a wrong way? Yes. McCor...

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Don’t Go Until You’re Sent

Don't Go? But isn't that the point? My family is supportive. I have found a job. I'm ready to go. Wait...What about the church? Mack Stiles addresses the imperative topic of the church's role when someone is stepping into missions in his article for The Gospel Coalition. Whether you are going as a Market Place Worker or even more traditional routes, Stiles appeals that y...

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Undercover Boss

And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ. Colossians 3: 23-24 In the workplace, we often forget to apply this simple scripture. Often we get so caught up in satisfying the needs and wants of our boss, that we forget who our real boss is. This article written by...

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The Cities that Supercharge Your Career

BBC recently released an article written by Kate Mayberry that discusses the intense competition for jobs within the United States, and the great amount of need for professionals around the world. Mayberry explains the truth that many countries are in search of your individual skills and talents and that there is evidence to predict your advantage in these particular areas. Christine Wright, di...

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The importance of White Space and what it isn't-

What is WhiteSpace- Juliet Funt gave an amazing talk at a Global Leaders Summit and even included a free link to help fellow teams in the business world conquer their what she calls, 'white space.' She goes on to mention what white space is not... it is not the wandering of the mind nor is it meditation, she says that it instead has no rules at all. White space gives your mind the f...

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