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In Need of a Spiritual Rejuvenation? Check out this new (cleaner) version of Netflix... Pureflix

The Christian Post recently wrote an article titled, “5 Inspirational Movies You Should Watch Right Now." You may ask yourself, " what does this have to do with me being a professional, trying to spread the Gospel around the world through my vocation?" Great question- our culture today is often formulated around the entertainment we allow ourselves to consume. Before we get...

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Meeting your potential spouse in the workplace

If you are like most working people, most of your day more than likely is comprised of just that... work. According to Google the top 5 places to meet your future spouse are- 1. The Gym 2. Apartment/ Neighborhood 3.On a Plane 4. Work 5. School Your workplace is rather influential to the person you become and says a lot about how you serve others and God's will with your v...

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To really serve God, don’t I have to be a full-time missionary?

The New Testament offers several different examples, short-term teams going out without any financial support (Mark 6:7, Luke 10:1), Jesus and the apostles as fully-supported, full-time missionaries (Matt 27:55, Mark 15:41, 2 Cor 11.9), Peter, Paul and Priscilla and Acquila being self-supported bi-vocational missionaries (the massive catch from Luke 5, 1 Thes 2.9, Acts 18). No model is referred...

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The right (and wrong) way to show personality in your cover letter

Cover letters are a pretty status-quo requirement as part of a job application. Unfortunately, it is easy to get lost in that status-quo shuffle of cover letters on a future employer's desk. In this article on The Muse for USA Today College, author, Sara McCord, gives some advice on how your cover letter can stand out the right way. Wait, so there's a wrong way? Yes. McCor...

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Don’t Go Until You’re Sent

Don't Go? But isn't that the point? My family is supportive. I have found a job. I'm ready to go. Wait...What about the church? Mack Stiles addresses the imperative topic of the church's role when someone is stepping into missions in his article for The Gospel Coalition. Whether you are going as a Market Place Worker or even more traditional routes, Stiles appeals that y...

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Mission Precision: Defining Unreached People and Places

"Why should churches focus on the unreached if there are so many lost people in our communities? What is the difference between being lost and unreached?""David Platt uses Romans chapter 15 to help define what it means for a people group or a place to be considered unreached." You can download the podcast or visit the original source from :

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Want to be a nurse? 10 of the top nursing programs in the U.S.

Be. the. best. Peter Jones of The Job Network has gathered the list of the top 10 nursing programs in the United States for USA Today. Students, start planning your undergrad or graduate journeys with programs that can train you to be the best in your field. Here are the top 10 schools with outstanding nursing programs: Columbia University—New York City Duke University...

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Confessions of A Burnt Out Missionary

Sab·bath /ˈsabəTH/ noun: The seventh day of the week observed from Friday evening to Saturday evening as a day of rest and worship by Jews and some Christians, or observed Sunday among Christians as a day of rest and worship. In this article for, Deanna Kustas writes an article about the difficulties in setting boundaries and identifying times to rest. Kustas walks throug...

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Q& A Series: What is Scatter Global and how can my talents be used?

What is Scatter Global? What drives us is a passionate belief that God has placed unique abilities, passions and skills within each one of us. For everyone who resonates with this, we hope to inspire the question: “What if I did what God has uniquely designed me to do in a part of the world Jesus is less known?” ScatterGlobal is here to for you, the global professional on yo...

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Season Series: Interview tips in a season of job hunting!

The interview process in any respect is daunting but with these helpful tips from Todd and Cindy, hopefully you will feel more prepared, at ease, and even learn things along the way! The Shinabarger's:Todd Shinabarger is a 36 year veteran of the corporate world, holding executive positions in multiple organizations and industries. He is passionate about mentoring and loves to see growth ...

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