About course

Welcome to the Student E-Plan for Scatter Global.  This plan is designed for students who are looking into the Market Place Model of missions and exploring how they can take their skills to the world while engaging in their career and perhaps avoiding fundraising.  

Here's what you'll get from this e-plan:

  • Understanding the foundations of Market Place Workers
  • Unpacking why this model is so important for the future of missions
  • Explore a model of discipleship to incorporate in your life today
  • Becoming part of the Scatter Global community
  • Completion of your Missional.Life profile
  • Build your support community 
  • Share your personal story
  • Building a schedule for when you could be serving on the field
  • Prepare yourself for a global career and job searching
  • How to be wise with your social media accounts
  • And more!


Session 1 - Introduction

Session 2 - Start with Why

Session 3 - Discipleship

Session 4 - Building a Support Community

Session 5 - Telling Your Story

Session 6 - Building a Workback Calendar

Session 7 - Preparing for a Global Career

Session 8 - Managing your Social Media

Student E-Plan