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Elementary Homeroom Teacher

  • Under $29,000
  • TR
  • Full-time
  • Published: 2020-08-29 06:00:00Z

Overview - Available August 2020 

Istanbul is a vibrant city of 15 million people, situated where the continents of Europe and Asia meet. Full of history, it is a modern, bustling metropolis. Students are keen to learn English as it is the key to their future as a language of higher education and international business. Come and share your love for life as you teach your native language.

We are looking for qualified teachers that have experience working with primary learners ages 6-10. As we are an international school, we expect our teachers to be able to cope with children with varying levels of English. 



  • Teaching Qualifications
  • Experience teaching Primary School students
  • Strong English Proficiency
  • Teachers with experience in Cambridge Primary Curriculum will have an advantage


  • Salary (to cover living expenses, food and transportation for a single person)
    • You will also be expected to raise financial support for this position to cover international travel, insurance, company fees and any expenses if you have a family.
  • Saving and retirement account options
  • Annual, company-wide conference in various locations
  • Placement on a team in country with like-minded workers
  • Work visa provided

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