Living an Adventure Led by God – Part 2

November 5, 2021

Sarah Galloway – Nurse Practitioner in the Middle East. 

There we were, practically boarding our international flight, when we got word that our COVID-19 PCR tests had not been accepted by the authorities in our new country. The PCR tests that we had paid hundreds of dollars to get at just the right time so this wouldn’t happen — yes, those.

This was not the way we wanted to begin our new life in the Middle East.

So, I did what any normal Christian would do in that situation.

I panicked like a 4 a.m. fire drill.

No, I didn’t. What I actually did right away was text our team with Scatter Global and say, “Look, we need prayer. They’re not accepting our PCR tests. Our plane is leaving.”

They prayed, our tests were accepted, and we began our journey with one more hurdle behind us.

Our little PCR adventure is just one example of what I call Scatter Global’s "understanding involvement."

They get it. They’ve walked these roads, they’ve flown these routes, they’ve filed those papers and they’ve made those phone calls.

At no time in the yearlong process of finding and landing my current job (more on that in a bit) have we ever felt like we were being thrown into anything. It was never, “OK, now you have the offer, go figure it out yourself.” Never.

Instead, just like those emergency prayers at the airport, we have been conscientiously looked after by a group of people who really mean it when they say, “We’re here for you.” They say it, and then they do it.

Another example: After meeting with Scatter Global the first time in November 2019 at the Global Missions Health Conference and telling them about my desire to work as a nurse practitioner overseas (see Part 1), I was handed over to some team members who basically said, “Let’s see where the possibilities are right now.”

They started by asking me, “Where do you want to go?”

My husband, Steve, and I share a conviction that where God leads you, that’s where you go. Not, “I have to go to Australia, because, well, I’ve always wanted to.”

We began by searching for possibilities in one Southeast Asian country. They weren’t interested in nurse practitioners (no surprise there).

We then looked at a country in the Middle East (not our current one). Same story. We tried another country that we planned on visiting until COVID shut us out. That lead, too, fizzled.

Finally, in June 2020, on a providentially slow day, a Scatter Global leader who’s proven to be instrumental in our journey texted me:

Can you Zoom right now?

OK, sure.

I got on the call, and all of a sudden, I was talking with an executive in the hospital system that I now work for. From that day on, we were pursuing our current country.

Of course, we know that God has directed it all. But on the human level, it’s been the understanding involvement of a Scatter Global team that has stuck with us and helped us at every step — from brushing up my LinkedIn page to mock interviews to simply answering questions when the process seemed to slow to a crawl —that has made every ounce of difference.

When I got the job offer in April of this year, we had been doing some training on the side with Scatter Global partners, which also has proven quite helpful. And once we did get the offer from my employer, other Scatter Global staff truly kicked into paperwork mode and worked with my employer to make sure they had everything they needed to make this happen.

Settling into a new culture hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park.

But having our Scatter Global teammates walk alongside us before, during and after our arrival has situated us for success in ways we couldn’t have imagined. And with that help, the stressors of the process and the move truly have drawn us closer as a couple in many ways.

We’re only a couple of months into this gig. I know big challenges will come and threaten to knock us sideways. But with the Lord’s guidance and the understanding involvement of our team, we’ll be ready.

So will you. Check out Scatter Global today and find out what your possibilities might be.

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Written By Sarah Galloway, Nurse Practitioner in the Middle East

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