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It's Time for a New Kind of Missionary

It's Time for a New Kind of Missionary_OM ebook.pdf

When you think of the word “missionary,” what do you think of?
A young couple in sub-Saharan Africa, leading a Bible school and feeding hungry children? Maybe a pastor building a small church in a tropical village somewhere in the South Pacific?


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  • Michael A Blumer

    Michael A Blumer

    This says it is written by Scatter Global but has OM all over it. Do all the other agencies that are a part of Scatter Global say and think the same?
  • Vibrant Life

    Vibrant Life

    Thanks for posting your comment, Michael. Yes, this was a document written by OM a couple of years ago. Like most of the content on Scatter Global, it has been curated from other sources. So even if we posted something from the Gospel Coalition, it would say "by Scatter Global;" not because it is the source of the content but as the one which posted it. This particular post is not trying to represent the opinions and views all the other agencies, but express one agency's evaluation of current trends, opportunities and challenges. We are working to make it easier to distinguish between content written by Scatter Global and content posted by Scatter Global but written by someone else. Thanks for the question, we hope this helps clarify things.