by Scatter Global


Aw, I’m Just a Paper Salesman



As we think of what we are doing we need to understand the differentiating factors of the ‘new model’ (not new just rediscovered) we are talking about. This is one of them.

It distinguishes Scatter Global from what most people think of when they say Tent making. 

It is a high view of work. It is one of the major disruptive thoughts to the current missions models as work, good works, even relief work is not a means to an end but in and of itself the right thing to do and the best thing we can do to reflect His glory. 

We have a high view of work – it is the primary place God ordained for humanity to live out who He had made them to be. The place to shine our light and flavor with our saltiness.

We have a high view of creation – God made man in his own image therefore in creation we are the most brilliant reflection of His glory. Sin distorted it, Christ redeemed and restored it. All things are made new. 

So let’s get the image bearers of God out there shining as brilliant reflections of His glory as they be who and what He has made them to be.


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