by Scatter Global


What does it look like to be an intentional bi-vocational church planter?

A church planter is often envisioned to be a street evangelist. However, very few church planters are street evangelists. Because we spend a majority of our time (and live out our values) at work, many churches have been planted at work. Most church planters use everyday relationships to share the Gospel with people around them. Examples include: Telling work colleagues about how after prayer God met a unique need. At a school event, sharing stories from the Bible or scripture which relate to problems that other moms or dads are struggling with. Visiting and praying for a sick colleague.

The goal of these interactions is to find out who is curious about God and who would like to read the Bible together. We pray that by reading the Bible, the Holy Spirit (not us) is able to show the unbeliever their need for Christ. The key components of the Discovery Bible Study method are: involvement of the Holy Spirit, reading and obedience to God’s Word, and sharing the learnings with others.


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