by Scatter Global


What is it like living overseas?

Living overseas can be a great experience. It allows us to experience different cultures, new places, and new ways of thinking and doing things. Living overseas can also be lonely, confusing, and frustrating. Some people live overseas and never venture out of their “bubble”- they live in neighborhoods filled with people from the same cultural background, make friends with these same people, and never experience local culture or friendship. Others immerse themselves in the local culture. They learn the language, make local friends, and understand the culture. You know you have become immersed when all the “strange” things the locals do now make sense to you- and you find yourself doing them.

You may find yourself earning more than you would back home depending on where you live and the type of job you have. Others will find themselves making less but feel compensated by increased career opportunities or better work/life balance. We are told to count the cost (Luke 14:28) and you’ll need to weigh career expectations, family obligations/expectations, financial compensation, work/life balance, general adaptability, and willingness to suffer for Christ when deciding whether to work overseas.


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