by Scatter Global


Who can work overseas?

Generally, most overseas jobs for Westerners are for middle/upper management or skilled professions. Most overseas employers want to hire Western expats because of the quality of work and high productivity. Most overseas jobs are more demanding than equivalent jobs at home so be prepared to work hard. Some fields with openings:

  • Teaching- (BA or MA) in either ESL or subjects taught in English
  • Management- (BA/BA or MBA) finance, marketing, operations, and human resources
  • Medical- (MD, DDS, MPT, RN, LNP) specialty and sub-specialty providers
  • Engineering- (BS, MS) oil and gas, water purification, public works
  • Advisory- (PhD) agriculture, development, university teaching

Be aware that many countries require two years of experience before they will approve the work permit and usually the employer must demonstrate that there is a lack of local qualified talent.


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