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How do I find a job?

  1. Research: If you don’t have a particular region in mind, try a few web searches by region to find area with the most jobs. has a wide number of local websites you can search Keep in mind that criteria vary by region and even by country so be sure to know the education, experience, and requirements.
  2. Network: Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to advertise your search. Use Linked-In and university alumni groups to find professionals. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can interview contacts about living and working overseas and then plan and execute a short (30 min) professional interview. Don’t forget to ask them to refer you to anyone who might be hiring.
  3. Apply: Once you have found a role be sure to submit a professional quality CV or resume. Be aware that some regions prefer a CV with a recent, professionally staged photo so inquire about this during your research/networking time. In some countries it is legal to discriminate based on race, age, gender, religion, civil status, family background, and even attractiveness so don’t be surprised to find these in job listings. The interview process can vary dramatically by region and job function. Some countries will include a psychological interview as part of the interview process while others use group interviews or testing (don’t forget your calculator!). Some interviewers spend a majority of the time on small talk and only spend the final ten minutes discussing the job. You should not assume the interview process will be similar to one in your home country.
  4. Negotiate: After you have the job offer you will need to negotiate your contract. Everything will need to be clearly described in the contract. Be sure to ask about everything because poor assumptions on your part will always be decided in favor of the employer. Things you will need to think about: housing (location, size, type), transport, education, vacation, hours and overtime, medical insurance, language acquisition, visits home, etc.


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