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Biblical Examples of the MPW.

Each of these Old Testament figures were critical to the work God did in the world.

And each of these people have something else in common: they were not full-time ministers.

  1. Abraham - was a wealthy businessman and God birthed the nation of Israel from his family.
  2. Joseph - was a high level government official and God used his work to save multiple nations from famine.
  3. Daniel - was an advisor to the king and God used him to influence the spiritual direction of a pagan kingdom.
  4. Esther - was a queen and God worked through her to save the Israelites from genocide.
  5. Nehemiah - was a cupbearer to the king and God tasked him with the work of rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls.
  6. Deborah - was a judge and a warrior and God used her to lead Israel in His ways.

A businessman, government officials, servants, soldiers. The Bible is full of stories of God using individuals in all sectors of society. While the Levites were a small community of people set aside to help the people worship, much of the work of God in the world unfolded in the everyday arenas of society—in the public square.

Even in the New Testament, with believers spreading out across the Middle East and Asia to spread the gospel, the model was not for these new believers to fully give up their vocations for ministry. Paul continued to make tents. Luke was a physician. By all appearances, Zacchaeus went back to tax collecting (albeit, his vision for that work significantly altered by his new faith). These early Christians diligently spread the gospel—but they also participated in the work of the world.


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