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Christians at Work: What it really looks like to unite our jobs and faith

Is work really "Christian"? 

From the creation account in Genesis, we know that God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden to work. That was his design for man. So why do we view this as a necessity rather than a purpose? How can we shift our perspective from having to do this activity called work to getting to glorify God in our work because He created us to do just that. 

In this article for, J.D. Greer lays out the top five qualities that make work "Christian". Greer states that work is...

  1. Creation- Fulfilling
  2. Excellence-Pursuing
  3. Holiness- Reflecting
  4. Redemption- Displaying
  5. Mission- Advancing

All of these attributes are rolled up into a nearly daily activity. How can we use that to make an impact on the world?

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