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8 Questions to Help Discover Your Vocation

Practical ways to discover the path that God has designed for you

Choosing a vocation is arguably the most difficult decision of life. Choosing one or another determines your future, and making a wrong decision may be quite terrifying. However, God has designed us each uniquely for a specific purpose during our time on Earth. If we make the choice to lean into the Lord's plan and wisdom, we have the ability to meet the potential that he has laid out for us. Trusting in his grace and provision, we will discover the beauty, joy, and glorification to be produced from our unique vocation. That being said, every vocation provides an opportunity to grow the Kingdom and make the Gospel known.

"Work is a place where gladness meets the world's deepest need." -Frederick Buechner

This article, written by Tyler Hanns from Bridgetown Church, provides eight questions that will help you discover your vocation. Click the button below to read!


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