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The Cities that Supercharge Your Career

BBC recently released an article written by Kate Mayberry that discusses the intense competition for jobs within the United States, and the great amount of need for professionals around the world. Mayberry explains the truth that many countries are in search of your individual skills and talents and that there is evidence to predict your advantage in these particular areas. Christine Wright, director of management at recruitment firm Hays Asia, wrote concerning the matter, 

"If you want to fast track your career you will have an advantage if you consider working in what might be considered a ‘harder’ location to live"

She continues,

 “It’s even better if you can do that with a company that has future opportunities for you, a clear career path and a development plan for its employees.”

Mentioned in the article are cities that are the best candidates for emerging and ambitious professionals. These locations include nations such as China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and any nation that has a limited talent pool and is in need of certain professions


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