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The Call

Stepping out into the unknown is scary. Trusting in the Lord's goodness and provision is difficult in these times. But the longer we reman comfortable, ignoring the calls of the Lord, we imprison ourselves and deny ourselves the freedom to trust God with everything. 

Blogger Joanna Mayes writes about the hold that fear had on her life, and the joy she received when she allowed it to be released. 

"All of my fears were just a tool of the enemy to deceive me from coming all the way over to my heavenly Father.  I can now see that He is a good father.  He desires to give His children good gifts just like my husband and I desire to do that for our earthly children.  His desire was never to strip His good gifts away from me." -Joanna Mayes

Mayes continues by comparing her life to that of Abraham, proclaiming that what God wants the most from us is to be ready and willing to go. To be willing to sacrifice. To be free to let go of comfort. To step into the unknown.

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