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5 Things Every Influencer Has in Common - And how you can emulate them.

It is one thing to be well known or well liked. It is another to have influence. 

Sometimes when we think of influence, we think of all the negative connotations and how it can be influence can quickly be distorted into manipulation. However, having a positive influence in the lives of friends, family, and everyone around you is a key to being intentional in the spread of the gospel. 

People need to be able to trust you, to look up to you, and feel comfortable speaking and sharing with you. Only when these things happen can you then have the credibility and influence on a person's life. 

Courtney Bareman writes an article for Relevant Magazine called "5 Things Every Influencer Has in Common - And how you can emulate them." In her article, Bareman gives 5 main attributes that all influencers share:

  1. Others > Them
  2. They are healthy.
  3. Leaders are learners.
  4. They ask the right questions. 
  5. They don't compromise their character and integrity. 


What are some of the things you can work on today to be more influential in the lives of others?

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