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Loving Your Children Means Leading Them to Risk Everything

Safety. Security. Opportunity. We wish all these things for our children, but Jesus is worth more. 

This is the difficult tension many parents feel when stepping into the obedience of sharing the gospel among the nations and taking their families with them. The best thing we can teach our children is that following Jesus and going to the nations is worth risking everything. 

So how do we train them in this? 

Zach Bradley of Upstream Collective writes this article for that shares his experience, biblical perspective, and supplemental resources that can help guide your way. Click the button below to read Zach Bradley's full article

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Zach Bradley is the director of content strategy at The Upstream Collective, director of training and operations at Refuge Louisville, and a missions pastor at Sojourn Community Church. He also authored The Sending Church Defined and blogs at You can find him on Twitter @zachsbradley.


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