Sydney Baker

by Sydney Baker


Season Series: A Sovereign God in your Season of Singleness

With missionaries often being sent overseas, to unreached countries the stereotype can sometimes  become, “well if I’m not married, singleness can be really difficult and lonely.” I would challenge this to say singleness much like marriage, and life in general has its difficulties, yes. But as Jesus followers our goal should be to not overlook this difficulty as a threat but to see singleness for what it really is. Think about it- up until marriage you've been single a majority of your life. Since infancy you'e been taught, to an extent, self- coping, and self- reliance. 

At a relationship conference in Florida that I attended  last year, a talk was given in regards to resting and finding peace in singleness. The gentleman was close to thirty and had been single for a while. He urged and encouraged Christians to see the immense beauty of being single. He said with bright eyes, “ you have the ability to just pack your bags and leave, go to a new country and spread the Gospel, how cool is that?” Of course he said this with a good deal of enthusiasm, but he admitted that like many single people, finding peace in the singleness can be tricky at times. God is always trying to show us something or rather bring us closer to Him within our glorification of Him. As millennials and really just as humans in general, we often think that we would just fall apart if God intended us to be indefinitely without a partner. Like many of Jesus’ disciples we first doubt and then realize the vast sovereignty  of the Lord.

We begin to seriously doubt the potential life we would have  without that lifelong partner, or that waiting is just a waste of time. Waiting is beautiful, waiting patiently for who God intended you for is exciting and should be cherished. In an article titled, Marriage is Very Good. Singleness May be Even Better, the author speaks on the contentment behind singleness, God's purpose for it, and yes that in some ways it may even be better than marriage. 

The article opens with an important question, " Why does Paul encourage people to think twice before getting married? " This may appear at first to be a very loaded question especially for those who are currently married. Written through the publication of ," The Gospel Coalition" it goes on to talk about life being too short and that 

Singleness has the potential to be a garden—or a gym, or a kitchen, or a school—for undistracted devotion to Jesus unlike any other season of our lives.


The article closes in a statement that is so simple yet so radical- " We develop those spiritual muscles now by saying, with everything we have and do now, that Jesus is our greatest treasure. Life is short, and everything we have and see here is passing away. Everything but Jesus. "

How inspiring is that, singleness and other things that maybe aren't 'enjoyed' by society per say are nothing in comparison to the Joy that God gives and even receives from us in the ways we serve and glorify Him. So let your singleness be a testament to God's great works in you- rest in it , grow closer to God in this season. 


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