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Christianity Today article on Millennial Believers

Many millennials today are often attempting to shake the stigma that is tightly wrapped around their identity as people and marketplace workers. We are  told that our generation is,  " lazy, entitled,dependent, struggling to get a job, and don't wish to support the American economy."  Not to mention that we are a bunch of identity lacking 'children' that cannot contribute to society. The thing with these lies is we almost believe that getting a job is harder than ever. We were raised with the importance of education and that a Masters is slowly becoming the new Bachelors. Society is acknowledging this false belief that employers no longer care about work ethic but more so education. 

Believe me the list goes on and on... Have you ever taken the time to just search what is being said abut Millennials in workplace settings? It is quite interesting. We should take a step back and look at what is most important, what is God saying about us and our work ethic?

According to Christianity Today, "Practicing millennials are more likely to believe the Bible came from God and read it multiple times a week than any other generation (87%). The article titled "What the Latest Bible Research Reveals About Millennials," is not only factual but encouraging ,that our identity should not be found in what society has to say about us, because Jesus has already defeated society- 

By marrying this encouraging information with how the business world perceives Millennials, it is important to catalyze this into a movement of hard working young believers doing their part in the marketplace and then some.

Click below to find out more ! Also comment with some hardships you may have faced in the workplace being a Millennial- 


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