Sydney Baker

by Sydney Baker


Podcast on: Are you Seeking God in Humility or Pride?

'Revive our Hearts' offers an array of resources, this particular podcast is titled, "Broken or Crushed: How do you approach God? In humility or Pride?" gives listeners a tough call to action. A call to action that can easily be applied to one's  current or future vocation.

This quick sort of encouragement allows for those listening in to decide whether they are performing out what God has placed in their lives, and their particular calling (falling on the stone) or living a life in fear ? In the season you are in, do you feel like you are hesitating as to what God has called you to do, or are you fearlessly falling on the stone?

It is all in how we approach God in regards to our lives and passions. By leaning on Him we are putting trust in that calling, and  by living in fear we are scared of being turned to mere powder, crushed from the 'stone.' 

In what ways are you approaching the Lord, with humility or pride? Comment below with some situations God has put you in recently that require you to approach Him humbly and with trust- How can you use this encouragement to better approach your calling in the work place? 


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