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by Sydney Baker


Meeting your potential spouse in the workplace

If you are like most working people, most of your day more than likely is comprised of just that... work. According to Google the top 5 places to meet your future spouse are-

1. The Gym

2. Apartment/ Neighborhood

3.On a Plane

4. Work 

5. School

Your workplace is rather influential to the person you become and says a lot about how you serve others and God's will with your vocation. As cheesy as it sounds, the workplace can be a great place to meet the future person God has for you. This however does not imply that you should always be on the look out for this opportunity. ( there is a difference here) Work diligently to expound upon your skills at work and in general, to be intentional with co-workers. 

CBN wrote an article recently titled, " 10 Dating Tips for Christian Singles." Among all of these very helpful tips, stems an underlying theme, don't let intimacy get in the way of God's will for the relationship. I've quite recently been very encouraged by several newly wed couple friends of mine and their due- diligence early on in the relationship. What a beautiful thing to not have any real regrets looking back and on your wedding day being able to enter the marriage with clarity, excitement, and expectancy of what the Lord will do within this union.

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