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Ted Talk on : "Unlocking your Authentic Career"

Ashley Stahl, an entrepreneur, life coach, and millennial herself, gives a TED Talk on, "Three Questions to Unlock your Authentic Career." This video does many things, one of those being- leaving job seekers with three important  questions:

1. "What am I good at?"

2. "What do people tell me I'm good at?"

3. "What's holding me back?"

The last question struck me as being very relevant to the marketplace workers of today. Language learning, security issues, even the approval of your parents whilst doing mission - based work could be holding you back. The real question I feel then becomes, "are we going to allow our worldly 'things' to hold us back, or trust God in this season?"

Ashley specifically poses these questions for millennials stating further that , "we are told early on to figure out our passions and that your interest in a subject does not  guarantee your success in a career with it." This is so true, we often get transfixed on these goals and ideas, which are important, but regrettably don't look at the bigger picture.

While these may be our passions, what are our God-given talents, the things that others notice about us, and again what is holding you back in finding a career you love? Try to ponder on these questions and journal about them honestly and openly with the Lord.

Click below to check out all of Ashley's career coaching video! Also, comment with things that stuck out to you, and that you found helpful! 



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