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From Pulpit to Cubicle, taking the Gospel to your workplace-

"There’s a connection that can happen in the workplace that’s more holistic than a conversation in the pews or at a coffee shop." 

A contributing writer to The Gospel Coalition and fellow pastor, Justin Buzzard recently wrote an article titled, "Pastor, Visit Their Workplace." Justin  makes an effort  to visit his congregation weekly in his or her work environment. He then asks for a tour and will join them for lunch or a coffee break preferably on site. 

Much like the body of Christ there a variety of people and in that an array of  different work cultures. He has visited people anywhere from Google to assisted living, or Netflix, to  stay at home mothers.

"The main thing is presence—making myself present in their daily world."

What a testament as a leader to just spend an hour consistently getting to know who you are serving.

Continue to read the article below, as the author talks about the many ways he has  benefited from these personal workplace visits.

Try to emulate this by being intentional at work with others and asking them about their lives outside of the work place as well- 



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