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What to do and (not do) When Traveling-

A BBC article titled, "What should I absolutely not do when visiting your country?" gives readers and travelers alike, some insight as to what one shouldn't do when visiting a different cultured country. Here are a few examples: 

Honk Kong- Business cards should be give using both hands

Russia- In Russia and other cultures, numbers mean everything! The wrong number of flowers for instance are only appropriate for a funeral, as opposed to a more joyous occasion.

Asia- In Asian cultures like Thailand and Malaysia, the touching of ones head even with children is especially frowned upon. They believe the head to be the 'seat of the soul.'

Europe- Some countries in Europe find it a common respect to keep to oneself while using public transportation. In a 'business' setting it is rude to be distracting in any way- whether it be striking up a conversation with a stranger or making eye contact

Latin America- In some Latin American cultures, a sign of love can often be shown through 'picking on' others. It is expressed that those new to this should not be easily offended but rather flattered if they are receiving jokes on their own behalf

France- In France specifically it is very unbecoming to speak in too loud of a tone, it is important for the French to match the volume of those whom they are speaking with

Keep these in mind when making your next business trip and comment below with occasions you maybe didn't follow these guidelines and possibly appeared rude or not culturally correct-




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