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Do you want to learn a new language?

In a TED Talk given by Sid Efromovich, he discusses the use of 5 techniques in order to learn a new language. Now granted Sid around the age of 18, already spoke 4 languages, but with the partnership of these techniques, he learned 3 more! 

1. Take a deep breath and: Make Mistakes- he mentions how unlike our culture today, in language learning it is beneficial to make mistakes

2. Scrap the Foreign Alphabet- This can be helpful in trying to re- learn so to speak the tendencies towards language that you may have acquired in your native language 

3.Find a Stickler- Something honestly every language learner needs, someone that can hold them accountable but also encourage them in further learning the language

4. Shower Conversations- This may seem a little silly at first, but this step is very helpful! "This step allows you to find a gap in your knowledge"

5.Conversation Buddy using the 'formula'- You should find someone to speak with, where your common language is the one you are trying to learn, this prevents you from reverting back to your native language if you both for example , speak English

Watch the full video below, and try and embrace the powerful message the speaker is presenting,

"you want to learn languages so that you can communicate with new people, so that you can reach out and understand a little bit more about their brains and hearts."




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