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How to Share the Gospel at Work

Do you feel called to spread the Gospel at your workplace? Whether it be actually speaking of the Lord's salvation for the world in its entirety, or by your actions, hopefully we all feel called at some point or another to open this conversation to our fellow co-workers. Christianity Today gives readers, " 10 Non- Obnoxious Ways to Share Your Faith at Work." 

1. Ask Sincere Questions- Also when, you tell a fellow colleague that you are praying for them, make sure you keep your word! 

2. Pray Often- Pray before during and after for your time at work to be fruitful in spreading God's news

3. Don't Hide- Don't feel ambarassed by your faith, always try to speak out and speak up when others ask

4. God Loves Everyone- Try and show your love by being generous to those less fortunate, and give your co-workers the opportunity to do the same

5. Intentional- On your lunch break try and 'host' a bible study and invite who you can!

6. "Don't Be a Slacker"- People may often look to you to be an example for Christians eveywhere

7. Prayer Warriors- Find someone at work who can pray consistently with you for those around you and the work environment

8. Coffee Date?- Be intentional to invite those at work out of the workplace for some one on one time, or even group settings

9. Happy Holidays- Inviting work friends to holiday functions at your church is a great way for them to meet other beleivers

10. Lost for Words- Pray often that God will use you, and that your actions are that of a believer 

Check out more of the article below, and comment with some ways you may try to get to know your non- believing co-workers! 



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