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Men and Women in the Workplace: What is America Teaching Us Lately?

In recent news, the Casting Couch, as well as several other political sexual allegations have come to fruition and needless to say the media is having a frenzy. What can Christians in the workplace do to stay educated and to help to heal these scandals? An article by 'Christianity Today' titled, "To More Than a Few Good Men: Don't Give Up On Working With Women,' touches on some of the many repercussions of these current events. 

Halee Grey Scott, the author of this article asks a very enduring, yet tough question, "In the context of these common workplace dynamics, a key question emerges: Will good men in leadership, out of fear of false sexual harassment allegations, withdraw even further from women in the workplace?" The article goes on to mention, the "Bill Graham Rule" in which men vow to never be alone with a woman whether work related or not, other than their wives. 

Scott with her years of research has talked to hundreds of men and women in regards to this matter and has found that,

"the church is in the unique position of modeling a way forward because it is grounded in the truth that men and women are equally gifted, equally created in the image of God, and equally tasked with stewarding the world."

Lastly, this article gives 4 ways in which to cultivate a healthy male- female relationship in the workplace:

1. Strategically Include: Implement strategic organizational policies that bolster women’s development as leaders and integrate them into the workplace.

2.  Be Open to Conversation:  Start (or continue) the big-picture conversation about what it means to be men and women serving together in the context of a hypersexualized culture.

3. Ahead of Time: Establish clear, wise boundaries in advance.

4. Quiet Time: Ensure that you are spiritually healthy and connected to the Lord.


Comment below with your personal views on the matter, and how your workplace works to ensure a safe yet very equal and fruitful work environment-



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