by Missional Impact


Breakfast With a Side of Direction

by Morris and Josie, business owners in Asia

As we breakfasted in a local restaurant, we noticed a young man watching us as if he knew us. He saw us arrive, sit down, pray, order, and eat. At last he approached. We exchanged introductions and learned that Richardrecognized us because he works for one of our competitors. Then he asked a question we often hear.

“Can you tell me how to make decisions?”

Richard is a 27-year-old college graduate and holding a good job. He feels pressure from all directions.

“My parents want me to get a better job,” he continued. “My girlfriend wants us to get married and have a baby right away. How do I know if this is what I should do?” 

Decisions are tough to make without a value system.

His problem is that he has no value system by which to judge whether one thing is better than another, or even if something is good or bad.

Without knowing the one true living God, Richard has no way to evaluate the choices he faces. But Jesus not only saves us; He brings us into the kingdom and family of God where we learn the value system of the King. 

Josie and I moved our professions overseas so that people like Richard don’t have to spend life drifting in uncertainty. Can you do the same? ●


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