by Missional Impact


From Company Managers to Brothers in Christ

by Reid, a business owner in Asia

You know what it’s like as a business owner. Employees come and go. 

A few years ago, we were blessed to find a great new hire, Mr. G, who became our production manager. Since joining our company, Mr. G has shown a consistent interest in spiritual questions and has been an eager attender of our seeker events. He has always expressed the desire to learn more.

Good hires can evolve into kingdom professionals.

In the last year, we’ve seen him start to show the development of his own faith. His questions expressed in groups are more serious. He is participating in prayer times and making contributions to our group conversations that show growing maturity. 

I meet with him occasionally, and recently we had a great talk. Mr. G affirmed his desire to live out his life in relationship with God, and we now call him a brother in Christ. 

With the latest addition of our new accountant —who is also a new and growing Christian —it is a blessing to now have all four of our top Asian managers as members of the faith, sharing in our vision to see God use our company for His purposes. ●


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