SCATTER STORIES: Living a Life of Radical Generosity

November 8, 2021

Paige's Story – Financial Planner 

“It’s just an industry of incredible opportunity,” Paige shares. “The minute you start talking about money with people, everything else comes out with it.” Paige is a Financial Planner, entrepreneur, and business owner. “Especially when trust and respect are built with clients, it gives an organic platform to speak truth into someone’s life.” 

Growing up, her parents instilled the truth that God had a kingdom purpose in mind for her life. “It doesn’t matter what you’re doing here on earth. If you’re a believer, (then) you’re on mission for God,” Paige recalls. In other words, God can and wants to use each of us right where we are: engineer, doctor, pastor, or even financial planner – as Paige would find out. 

For Paige, living “on mission” really meant – Freedom. “I have full freedom to be who God created me to be,” she says, “to walk in (my) giftings.” 

This was especially true when it came to understanding money, both earning it and the responsibility Jesus Followers have to steward it well. Paige even found freedom from the guilt and shame associated with her false assumption that certain jobs held more or less value in God’s Kingdom. 

Today, Paige runs her own financial planning practice where she helps clients unpack the power of freedom.

This might look like building generational financial freedom, teaching financial stewardship, or helping empower clients to become more generous. And for Paige, it’s the monumental impact that financial freedom has to empower radical generosity that makes her come alive. 

“Every person is wired to be generous,” Paige says. And this value of generosity is central to her business. Not only has it shaped how Paige structured her practice, but it also makes its way into client conversations.  

Whether or not clients are Jesus Followers, Paige helps them think beyond their personal financial goals. “Obviously, let’s put things in place that are going to be great for your family, but let’s also take a step back and look even bigger,” she explains. “How can you be a steward of what you have for your community and even for the world? How can you give back and be more generous?” These are the kinds of questions she helps clients unpack. 

It’s this outward, rather than inward, focus that has even led industry colleagues to take notice. Rather than identifying clients based solely on their net worth or income bracket (typical industry practice), Paige makes sure to give everyone the same time, care, and effort. 

“I didn’t think that would be unusual, to want to just help people,” says Paige, referring to her sometimes atypical client profiles. From clients just starting out, to managing established financial portfolios, Paige wants to help. “If (clients) want to be responsible and be educated and put awesome things into place, why would I not spend time with them?” 

What's next?

Long-term, Paige hopes and prays that her business will point others to Jesus by helping clients understand and incorporate financial generosity into their daily lives.

And on a personal level?  The journey of building her business has already taught her a deeper dependency and intimacy with Jesus. 

“It’s been a hard season of unknowns, but in the same breath, it’s been the most rewarding,” she says.

“I couldn’t imagine doing anything else when I feel so divinely wired to do this!”

What about you? How has God uniquely wired and equipped you? Take a few minutes and ask God how He wants to use your specific skills, talents, and giftings to reflect His Kingdom in your everyday life. You might just be surprised by what God has to say. 

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Scatter Stories is a monthly series spotlighting how God is using everyday people in everyday jobs to reflect His kingdom around the world. 

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