Community Security protocol

Your security is of the highest priority and importance to us at Scatter Global.  

Please read the following protocol for how we work diligently to keep you and your information secure.




​Personal Profiles

Sharing in Community




Overview of Scatter Global Security

Your security and the security of your personal information is extremely important to us at Scatter Global.  Our team has taken great measure to protect you and the information you share in the community.  Scatter Global abides by industry best practices to do all in our ability to maintain a highly secure environment.  This responsibility belongs to both Scatter Global and the members of this community.  Please review the security items noted on this page and your role in protecting your security.

Disclaimer about Scatter Global

Scatter Global will do all in it's ability to build and manage a highly secure community and technology platform.  Scatter Global abides by current technology best practices with continual audits and testing against our technology.  We highly recommend you become familiar with the terms and conditions of the Scatter Global community.  

Disclaimer about Personal Profiles

Each member of the Scatter Global community voluntarily creates a profile.  When you create a profile you have the option to keep your profile secure and/or to create an anonymous account.  Ultimately, each member is responsible for the content you share about yourself in this community. 

Measures we take

  • All traffic is encrypted over HTTPS with a 256 bit SSL
  • Built on Microsoft .NET framework with industry-standard tools such as ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework
  • No credit card or other financial data captured, stored, or managed
  • No password data stored by use of one way salted hash
  • Cryptographically strong credential-specific salt
  • Leveraged keyed functionality
  • Database backups
  • Limited Community Admins
  • Community Privacy Settings
  • Content Privacy Settings
  • Group Privacy Settings
  • Content Approval Policy & Procedures
  • Group Approval Policy & Procedures
  • Story Approval Policy & Procedures

Measures you should take

If you work in or desire to work in a restricted access country we highly recommend you create an anonymous account

Account Creation

Creating an account is a simple process that allows each member to create a public account or a highly restricted or anonymous account.  

Private & Anonymous Accounts

Anonymous Accounts - Our community site allows for you to set up an anonymous account using an alias name and an avatar image.  You still have the responsibility to be prudent and wise as you connect and comment within the community.  Your anonymous profile will still be public for others to view.  You can manage your anonymous account in your personal profile under the Community Settings.  


Private Profile - A private profile will allow you to explore the community but not allow for other members to see you.  You will be added to the database for Scatter Global so a member of the Scatter Global team may still reach out to you directly.  


Each member has the ability to edit their email notification preferences.  If you need to limit or unsubscribe from emails you can do this in the notification preferences of your profile.  

Members of the Scatter Global community have the ability to contribute to the community.  


Members can share a content item with the Scatter Global community.  Each content item will be reviewed before being posted live by the Scatter Global team.  


Members can share a story with the Scatter Global community.  Each story will be reviewed before being posted live by the Scatter Global team.  


Members can create a group in the Scatter Global community.  Each group will be reviewed before going live by the Scatter Global team.  Groups allow for members to connect with each other, share content, and engage in discussions.


bit SSL encryption over HTTPS


Microsoft framework


Password data saved


Credit card data saved

Scatter Global partners with a number of other organizations as we work to mobilize this vision.  The personal data you share in your profile and with the community is only accessible by Scatter Global team members.  

Is Scatter Global secure?

Yes, to the best of our ability we have created a highly secure environment for our members to engage and learn.  

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