We want to offer our community a way to engage by submitting potential content for our content library!

Why should I post content?

Your knowledge of potential resources and personal expertise is very valuable to Scatter Global! We believe that by engaging in this offer, you can positively contribute to the community and help us grow together. However, your submission is not guaranteed to be made public. Each piece will be reviewed and approved by our Scatter Global team. 

What content benefits the community?

Scatter Global has developed specific keys that we believe are crucial for the success of our content. Below you will find three overarching keys and six sub-keys for each. We do not require that a piece embody each of our keys, but we do suggest that you look to our keys as a guide

Keys to Successful Content.


 Valuable content is significantly beneficial to the reader. It's purpose is to provide the reader with an idea that they did not possess beforehand.​


Engaging content allows the reader to feel connected to your cause. It grabs the attention of the reader by relating to them directly.​


Inspiring content drives the reader to care about a subject and urges the,m to be a part of it.

  1. Creates Awareness

  2. Useful

  3. Knowledgeable

  4. Solution to a Problem

  5. Relevant

  6. Provides the Best Information Possible

  1. Stimulates Curiosity

  2. Visually Appealing

  3. Strong Headlines

  4. Hold's the Attention of the Reader

  5. Tells a Story

  6. Direct

  1. Evokes Emotions

  2. Gives Hope

  3. Calls for Action

  4. Boosts Influence of Scatter Global

  5. Demonstrates Passion

  6. Demonstrates Strength

Useful Tips.

  • Cite Content Accurately

  • Narrow the use of DNA tags to those that directly relate to the topic.  Using an overly broad amount of tags will diminish their purpose.

  • Spread out topic posts

  • Read, watch, and listen to potential content thoroughly

  • Focus your word choice to align with the intentions of Scatter Global

Content to Avoid.

  • Advocates raising funds for support

  • Suggests dropping your job to do missionary work

  • Promotes leaving your talents behind for the sake of the gospel

  • Refutes the passion and purpose of Scatter Global

  • Overly negative about moving abroad, certain countries, jobs, cultures, etc.


If you have specific questions regarding the content of Scatter Global, we would be glad to help! Please fill out the brief form below and we will contact you shortly.