Is a Global Job Right for You?
If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to navigate the international job market  – this Q&A is for you! Matthew, a global recruiter, shares what you need to know to get...
SCATTER STORIES: Community Building
Josh, a Real Estate Developer, is literally building community. Find out more about his journey and what God has taught him about the value of work along the way. ...
Global work blog
Why Take a Global Job and How Scatter Coaching Can Help!
“There are lots of good reasons to consider taking a global job,” says Rhiannon King, Program Specialist with Scatter Coaching, who spend four years working a physical therapist in West Africa....
Robotics Surgeon
SCATTER STORIES: Uniquely Shaped, Specifically Placed
From farm kid to robotics surgeon, Dr. John Randal is using his God-given shape to make a kingdom impact in the lives of his colleagues and patients....
Prepare for a Global Job
6 Ways Young Professionals Can Prepare for a Global Job
Are you a recent college graduate or a young professional who dreams of working internationally, but you’re not sure where to begin? Scatter Coaching shares six practical tips to help you prepare....
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