“How Do I fit?” The Question I Love & Hate

May 18, 2023
Rearview mirror

What is your place of maximum Kingdom impact? 

This question has been both a guidepost and a gut punch to me in recent years. I love it, and I hate it. But when evaluating what God wants me to do, where to work and how to serve, this is how I figure out my “fit.”

In the rearview mirror of life, our experiences add up to the person each of us is today. God is along for the ride in all of it. Sometimes cheering us on, and sometimes shaking His head with a very loving, “I tried to tell you…”  At the end of the day, our experiences mold us, refine us, and uniquely shape each of us.

Across 8 billion people on the planet, there is literally no one like you, or me, so when you consider the role each of us can play for the Kingdom, it’s also true that no one can fill a role the same way you will. 

The best way each of us can serve, our place of maximum kingdom impact, is at the intersection of how we have been shaped by our experiences and God’s great hope for the world. That is where we fit.

But that doesn’t mean it's easy. In fact, sometimes serving as you’ve been shaped, sucks. Sometimes, the harder choice is doing the thing you were made to do.

An Unexpected Opportunity

A couple of years ago, after many years of prayer and listening, our family followed God’s direction to move out of our Colorado home and head to the north of Spain. My wife and I both had jobs we could do from anywhere, and in Spain, despite years of influence by the Catholic Church, Christians are few and far between.

Our plan was just to go there, be Christians, make friends, and let the Holy Spirit take the lead.

In June of 2022, we rented out our home for three years, put most of our things in storage, packed up our two little ones (ages 1 and 3), and moved into a temporary home across the country while we finalized plans and preparations. 

A month after our move, my new boss shared about a new role she had in mind for me. Same salary. Same benefits (or lack thereof). Same location in Spain. It was an easy role, a cakewalk, but had nothing to do with the skills, education and experience I had. But that’s ok, right? 

My wife and I prayed a ton, but the question kept nagging… What is your place of maximum kingdom impact? I love/hate that question.

Finding My Professional 'Fit'

The notion of putting all the skills, education and experiences God had given me on the shelf in exchange for an easy job felt like bad stewardship. If serving as you’ve been shaped feels like going with the flow of a rushing river, this felt like deciding to step out onto the shore. Out of the flow. Out of the purpose. Especially when I knew there is still plenty of need for the way He has shaped me. 

Nervously, I told my new boss, “thanks, but no thanks,” and gave everything back up to God.

Sweet confirmation came on my last day when I received an amazing offer from another firm to lead a project that I’m positive will have massive, beautiful, global impact for God’s world. “We feel like we’ve been looking for a unicorn,” the hiring manager said. “We’re so excited to have found someone with your unique blend skillset and experiences.” Yes, God, I hear you.

Hopefully one day my place of maximum kingdom impact will include Spain. Until then, I’ll keep praying to find my place of fit.

Geoff Peters is an author and speaker who lives his life at the intersection of marketing and God’s mission. He and his family live in Colorado.

Read more from Geoff, in his book: Made To Love. In Made to Love, Geoff sheds light on the deeper story for why we are here and addresses the great divide between what we are called to do and what we actually do. 

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Written by: Geoff Peters – Global Contributor

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