Why Take a Global Job and How Scatter Coaching Can Help!

October 7, 2022
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“A global job is really any job outside of your home country,” says Rhiannon King, Program Specialist with Scatter Coaching. “And there are lots of good reasons to consider taking a global job.” 

Rhiannon is from the United Kingdom and worked in West Africa as a physical therapist for four years. Today, she uses that global work experience to develop Scatter Coaching Cohort Learning Experiences. 

Scatter Coaching is a staffing and recruiting service offering high-quality career coaching for Jesus followers. So, if you desire to work internationally but aren’t sure where to start, Scatter Coaching can come alongside you as you prepare for and explore the global job market. 

As someone who has global job experience and works as a career coach, Rhiannon explains the process of preparing for a global job. 

Q: Any job search can be challenging. So, is a global job really worth all the time and investment?

“Absolutely. Working overseas can provide a huge boost to your career and allows you to develop professionally and personally in ways not possible back home,” says Rhiannon. 

Working cross-culturally sharpened Rhiannon's skills because she often found herself in new and challenging professional situations and taking on higher levels of responsibility sooner than she typically would have working back home. Gaining a lot of transferable skills, really accelerated her career. 

While professional growth and opportunity are great, working in another culture also helped Rhiannon discover more about how God uniquely shaped her.  She saw firsthand how her gifts and skills can make a difference in other parts of the world, especially places where Jesus is less known.  

Even though Rhiannon wasn’t always sure how to navigate all the changes and challenges, she was flexible and open-minded, which helped her embrace the adventure of it.  

Q: What kind of job opportunities are there globally?

“There are loads of opportunities out there in any industry and any country,” says Rhiannon.  

In some cases, there are great incentives for talented individuals with certain skills to live and work in specific countries due to a growing global shortage of talented workers. This lack of talent can often be found in countries where many people have not heard the hope of Jesus. 

Q: So, how does someone prepare and look for a global job?

This is where Scatter Coaching comes in to help equip you, Rhiannon explains. Scatter Coaching offers an 8-week cohort learning experience with others who are on a similar trajectory as you. 

The cohort consists of 13 modules. Each module has videos, activities, and discussion boards covering different topics including beginning the job search, writing your resume/CV, personal branding, using LinkedIn effectively, preparing for international interviews, and cultural awareness. 

Q: Why the Scatter Cohort versus individual coaching?

Peer feedback, accountability, and motivation are the main reasons the group cohort format is so valuable. This rings true for a recent cohort participant David, an engineer from Uganda.  

“Before the cohort, I had tried a couple of times to focus on the international job search but lost momentum,” David said. “(I) got discouraged along the way.” 

But after joining the Scatter Coaching cohort, David felt connected and encouraged by others navigating similar journeys.

“The cohort learning really helped me finish the assignment materials in time and I have the motivation to proceed long term since we keep tabs on each other.” 

Q: How diverse is the cohort?

The cohort consists of “diverse group(s) of people coming from many countries (and) wanting to go to many different countries,” says Rhiannon. Scatter Coaching offers live group sessions throughout the course where participants connect with a Scatter Career Coach on Zoom to dig a little deeper into the content. 

“I really enjoyed the Zoom meetings – learning from others with different professions and goals,” says Anna, another cohort participant who is a nurse practitioner from North America. 

“My favourite thing about the cohort learning was meeting other(s) like me at different stages in pursuit of this journey,” David adds. “As we discussed and reviewed each other's work, I was encouraged to know that we are many walking this path of intentional international employment.” 

 At the end of this eight-week journey, Scatter Coaching will match you with an individual career coach to help personalize an individual job search strategy. “Your coach will be there for the rest of the process, giving you one on one coaching as you start your job search,” says Rhiannon.  

Q: What industries and job experiences are right for the cohort?

“We have several participants that are currently navigating the job market right now in various different industries,” says Rhiannon. “From arts to engineering to teachers, some participants have been on vision trips (to specific countries) and are getting excited about potential opportunities.”  

Some of the most recent participants come from all over the world, including countries in Africa, North America, and South America. They have job experience in various industries ranging from healthcare, technology, education and the arts. 

Q: How can I get started?

We know the international job hunt can be intimidating - but it doesn’t have to be. Scatter Coaching wants to walk alongside you and equip you with the skills, confidence, and community you need to get there. 

Here’s what a few recent participants had to say:   “If you are, or know someone who is, looking to take their career overseas, intentionally, do not hesitate and reach out to Scatter Coaching,” says Robert, a software developer from North America. 

"...Scatter is not something you're going to regret. It's worth the cost as is, but every minute of a group session you engage in and every discussion board you interact with doubles the value," adds Ethan who is in the information technology industry from North America. 

Do you think a global job is your next career move? If so, start preparing with Scatter Coaching and get equipped to take that first step toward a global job. Connect with a coach and schedule a ten-minute Discovery Call today!

Written By: Nay Mi Chele

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