Women Making a Kingdom Impact at Work – Part 2

May 3, 2022

Michelle Myers and Somer Phoebus, co-founders of She Works His Way (SWHW), touch on the importance of community and how to uncover your unique, God-given wiring in Part 2.

 “We started (SWHW) because there was a need that we saw in ourselves,” says Somer. “And as we started meeting that need in each other's lives, the need is what rippled.” 

Michelle and Somer created SWHW to help working women who love Jesus make a kingdom impact in the world. But, what does this look like practically in our own, individual lives?

For those new to the idea of making a kingdom impact in the workplace, a good place to start is exploring your unique, God-given wiring or shape. 

Paul says in Ephesians 2:8 that we are God’s masterpieces, his works of art, created to do good work which God had in mind from the very beginning. This means that each of us is created by God to do something in the world. That’s where our wiring comes in.

“When you talk about wiring, don’t overthink how God made (you),” Somer explains. “Pay attention to your gut and be willing to try new things.” 

Somer compares it to instantly knowing whether you like the taste of broccoli or not.

There’s just something in us that responds. It’s an innate, gut response you’re looking for to help uncover your unique, God-given wiring. 

“How do you react to things?

       That's how you're wired.

What do you like? 

      That's how you're wired. 

What are you passionate about? 

      That's how you're wired,” says Somer. 

It’s important to remember that while Jesus is the only way to a restored relationship with God, there are countless ways in which we live out our faith as his image-bearers here on earth, Michelle points out.

“When we start thinking that God only works in one way, then we start applying our human limits to God – but he doesn't have any,” Michelle explains. This is especially true when unpacking how God made us and how we’re to live this out in the world. 

One way we can unintentionally limit what God wants to do in and through our lives is by waiting for that elusive “calling.”

“Instead of trying to answer, What is your calling? We ask, What's your burden?” says Somer. This helps identify our wiring by looking at what drives us, what motivates us, and what breaks our hearts. This is how you’re wired.

Do you want to take care of people? Are you someone who wants to inspire students to learn? Do you want to problem solve and make systems better and more efficient for consumers? 

What is your burden?  This question can help narrow down your unique, God-given wiring. 

“Don't overthink it,” Somer encourages. “Love God and love people; you're going to see it come together.”

But just as we don’t want to limit our understanding of who God is and what he can do – we need to be careful not to box ourselves or others in. “(Our wiring) evolves and it changes,” Somer says.

Created for Community

“One wiring that we all have  – scripture reminds us – is we are wired for community,” says Somer. 

In fact, “we're actually going to be able to identify our wiring better, because (of) our brothers and sisters in Christ,” she explains. That’s why “God needs all of us to fully participate in (his) kingdom.” 

“Because we’re all wired uniquely and purposefully – God doesn’t call us to do kingdom work in isolation,” Michelle adds. “God calls us to come together, to work as a body.”

The body functions best not as a set of individual parts, but as a whole body (1 Corinthians 12:12-31). “The beauty of work is that you’re given a job and put on a team to work with other people,” explains Michelle. 

“So, as you walk in your wiring and in the abilities that (God) has put in you, you do it linking arms with other believers,” says Michelle. Why? “Because it’s by our love for one another – and our unity – that we will be identifiable as his disciples.” 

“That’s the beauty of SWHW,” says Michelle.

What started with two, has grown into a community of women – with different wirings, backgrounds, experiences, even at different life stages – all coming together for one unifying purpose: Jesus. 

Just imagine the impact on the world if tomorrow every Jesus follower decided to reflect his hope and goodness in their workplace. Imagine all the people, places, and industries that would be transformed by the power of God’s people living for Jesus in every industry and every place. 

So, how are you wired? Maybe a better question is: what is your burden? If you’ve never explored your unique, God-given wiring, start today! Read more about identifying your God-given wiring or S.H.A.P.E. on our blog here and here

For more from Somer and Michelle, be sure to check out She Works His Way and join in the conversation.

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