Worship in Your Work

September 14, 2022

First-century Christians had nuanced but necessary choices to make, primarily tasked with the question – in which way should we worship? Some took to the keeping of creeds – recording & writing an observed reality on how we ought to live our lives in Christ. Others decidedly ducked away into the catacombs – to paint and preserve the Image of God in Christ Jesus. 

In a situation like this, we might ask: Who was worshipping the right way? And in such a case (with such a question), I would propose to you that both ways of worshipping were not only correct, but both would be absolutely necessary in influencing future followers of Jesus... and the world at large. 

I’ve learned that worship isn’t limited to a genre of music or the way we feel (or respond) when we listen to it. It doesn’t just happen within the walls of a church on Sunday or in small groups somewhere around your city.

Worship is the way that we work. Worship is the loving way that we engage in cultural issues. Worship is the lens through which we view ourselves and others.

My friends, worship is a way of life… and when we adopt this perspective & pursue our purpose with it, others can’t help but see the Glory of God – in who we are & what we do.

So, how do you view your life and work? What if every moment and meeting was an opportunity to worship - to point people to God?

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About the Author

NIGEL WALLACE is a purveyor of all that is true, noble, good, and lovely. His formats and interfaces take just about every form—live lectures, poetry, illustration, podcasts, community organizing, and social justice work. No matter the medium, Nigel consistently communicates one resounding message: there is hope for the healing of humanity.

Nigel calls East Atlanta home and is the proud father of no less than thirty houseplants. He spends his days in the rhythms of earnest work, deep soul rest, the pursuit of curiosity, disciplined introspection, and profound commitment to good meals. He is the author of Fragments & Finality, his latest creative project, which is now available for purchase here.

Written By: Global Contributor Nigel Wallace – Artist & Educator

Using creativity & communication to evoke thought & inspire action. 

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