Scatter Global is a movement of skilled professionals seeking to use their vocations to make disciples in the marketplaces of the least-reached world.

A New Kind of Missionary

For too long, the model of missions has been to send the few who feel "called" to some exotic place overseas. They often lay aside their vocation, talents, and professional experience to start "doing" ministry. Everyone else can pray and financially support them - but otherwise, they stay home. 

Simply put, this is not a sustainable or scaleable model.


What about the 99 percent of us who are IT professionals, teachers, engineers, doctors, artists, and other professionals?

Scatter Global is a community of people asking the same question.  This is a community who is living the difference.  Scatter Global offers an incubator with access to resources, networking & job opportunities, and coaching relationships to prepare for mission in the marketplace. We hope you join us!

How does it work?

Check out our video to learn more. 

Ways to Connect

Scatter Community

You are not alone!  There are others just like you exploring this calling.  Join the community and connect with others.

Home Groups

Join or launch a home group to study the call for going into all the world and taking your job with you.

The Book

Have you read the book yet?  You need to!  Learn more about Andrew's new book Scatter and it's powerful message.