Take your profession
to the world.

We are mobilizing Jesus followers from many professions to intentionally pursue their vocation in the least-reached marketplaces of the world.

We are calling the 99%.

The engineers, the architects and builders. The doctors and nurses. The teachers. Those who have long believed that their professions hold the key to them fulfilling God’s purposes.

You have a place in missions.

You love what you do and you have worked hard to develop your professional skills because you believe they bring good to the community.

You are right! And that same career could allow you to live out the Gospel among people with no other access—no one who can show them Jesus.

Scatter Global illuminates the path to help you find your way there.

Let's get started!

Scatter Global is a movement...
a community dedicated to mobilizing the 99%.


Online social communities help you learn from others in your profession, locale or stage of the journey. We travel better together.


It's a lot to think about and we all have things to learn. Articles, videos, blogs, sermons, websites and more from key thought leaders will help you grow.


Once you're ready, search real-time job openings from our network of employers. Filter by profession, compensation and destination

I heard about Scatter Global at the "Global Missions Health Conference". Mostly through Scatter Global, I have connected with two other physical therapists who are similarly seeking to use their professions intentionally to shine for Christ.

Scatter Global member

Scatter Global solves the three big problems—access, legitimacy and financing—mobilizing a group that has largely been untapped...

As a church leader and missions pastor, I could not be more excited about this breakthrough strategy for the church to bring Jesus to the rest of the world.

Durwood Snead
Director, GLOBALX, North Point Ministries

I have always believed something I once read, that “the place God calls you to is a place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.” I am finally living that conviction—in my work—every day.

ER Nurse serving in Arabian Peninsula

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"You were created for one purpose: live your life for God’s glory. You need no further special call. You have been created uniquely to do this uniquely, so work out what you’re passionate about, good at, and fit for, and go do it."

Andrew Scott, author of SCATTER